Why join?


Two particular features make Choir One stand out from the crowd:

Richard Frostick leaning on a fence while holding on to his flat cap

As well as experiencing the joy of singing in a choir, you will be given detailed vocal training and advice from one of the UK’s leading choral and vocal trainers, Richard Frostick.

A singer holding a mic on stage

You will learn about singers. Each session we have an Artist of the Week and for 15 minutes we listen to recordings of a world-famous singer and discuss what it is that makes them great.

Over the weeks and months you will notice your voice becoming more flexible and expressive and your appreciation of performers and what makes them great will increase. We sing music of all styles and genres so you will also learn about a wide range of music in the best possible way – by singing it!

Choir One is one of the friendliest groups of people you are ever likely to meet. Newcomers are very warmly welcomed and everyone’s contribution is valued.

Some words from our members

“We sing a really wide range of music. Last week we sang an a cappella arrangement of a Snow Patrol song, a Handel anthem and a Nigerian high-life song. I love being taken out of my musical comfort zone to make new discoveries.”

“I’ve noticed the tone of my voice getting warmer and more expressive. We’re actually shown how to make the most of our voices rather than just left to get on with it.”

“I’ve attended a number of choirs and Choir One is the best by a long way because vocal tuition is built into the choral sessions.”

“I’ve made so many new friends and look forward to seeing them all every week.”

“I feel very fortunate to be able to access a musical experience of this quality right on my doorstep.”


Sing with us!