Will I have to read music?

No, but once you realise how easy it is to learn you will probably want to. We learn songs using a range of techniques. Some songs are best learned by note and others from the printed music. Sometimes you will pick them up by ear and sometimes we will learn from a printed score. If you don’t read music why not learn? It’s a useful musical skill to have. We’ll teach you – our touch is light and you won’t be put under any pressure.

Will there be opportunities to perform?

Yes. We will aim to have at least one performance a term and respond positively to invitations when we think they are right for us.

How do I join?

Complete the application form here.

We will acknowledge your application immediately and suggest some dates for your free taster session. If you wish to join us you then sign up for a ten-week session. Each 90 minute session is £10 and the term’s fee of £100 is payable in advance via PayPal. If your taster session is in the middle of a term you can join immediately and only pay for the remaining sessions for that term.

We are sure you will understand that we are unable to refund fees once you have paid for the term. If we miss a session for any unavoidable reasons, we will make the session up. If this is not possible we will charge you one session less for the next term or refund the fee for that one session.

Can I contact someone to find out more?

Email admin@choirone.co.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Or call 07925 284 198 and leave a voicemail telling us when it is best for us to call you. We will aim to call you back within 24 hours.

Where and when do you meet?

Canonbury Primary School N1 2UT from 6:30-8:00pm on Thursdays – view location on Google Maps.

We are three minutes walk from Highbury and Islington station and on a number of major bus routes.

The sessions are led by Richard Frostick.